Quenton Bonds

Speaker | Consultant



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As an electrical engineer with over 20 years of experience, Dr. Bonds is available for technical consulting for a variety of STEM related areas. Some of these areas include:


Design Review & Systems Engineering

  • RF System Design

  • Microwave Radiometers & Spectrometers

  • Design Reviews

Past Experience

  • CubeRRT CubeSat: Launched May 2018

  • Wideband Instrument for Snow Measurement (WISM) Radiometer

  • Snow Water Equivalent Radar and Radiometer (SWESARR)


Proposal Development & Concept Design

  • Supports Interdisciplinary RF & Microwave System Concept Design

  • Extensive experience in review of technical papers (TPRC) and proposals (e.g. SBIR), reviews (See CV for details)

  • Direct proposal development support (We do not support NASA related projects)

Past Experience

  • Software Defined Radio Routers for Satellite Communications

    (Software Defined Radio Concept Research Study for NASA AMES NREN Division)

  • Ultra-Wideband Antennas for Wireless Sensor Networks
    (Sensors Concept Study for Detecting Arsenic in the Vieques Island Jungles)


Biomedical Applications

  • Microwave Biomedical Sensors

  • RF Tissue Phantoms & Body Models

  • Biomedical Antennas

Past Experience

  • A Microwave Radiometer for Close Proximity Core Body Temperature Monitoring: Design, Development, and Experimentation

  • A Tunable Cavity Backed Slot Antenna (CBSA) for close proximity biomedical sensing applications

  • Multi-layer RF tissue phantoms for mimicking a human core