Quenton Bonds

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Dr. Quenton Bonds as the Keynote Speaker at IMS Conference - Tampa, FL

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  • West Montgomery Alabama

  • Environment where opportunities to sell or use drugs was commonplace 

  • Grew up in an area where violence was unavoidable 

  • By age 12: recruited on several occasions by Gangsta Disciples street gang

  • By age 16: gun pulled on me 2x

  • Average student in high school: Graduating GPA < 3.0

  • At 24yrs old: lost everything, unemployed, SUED for money I didn't have!

  • 12+ rejection letters from graduate schools

  • 15+ unsuccessful graduate school fellowship applications 

  • Accelerated Destiny: Launched, Aborted & Lost $Thousands of my hard owned dollars 



  • By age 7: First Entrepreneurial experience

  • By age 14: started business selling car audio equipment

  • By age 19: Added used cars to the car audio business

  • PhD - Electrical Engineering; Masters Degree - GPA 3.9; B.S. Mathematics - Graduated Cumulate'

  • Awarded well over $500K (including declined) in competitive scholarship/fellowships, grant and travel awards 

  • Interdisciplinary innovator; see resume' and publications for details 

  • As PI or Co-PI won/awarded $millions in NASA and or Gov Proposal funding 

  • Spoken professional on platforms all of the US and international; Asia, Middle Ease, and Europe 

  • Reviewer for US Science Foundations, IEEE MTTS, NASA SBIR Technologies, just to name a few

  • NASA Engineering Lead, having worked or Interned at 3 NASA centers


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